Application Process

Application can be sent directly to the university or through Uni-assist. Uni-assist is an agency which checks all your documents and validates them. Few Universities asks you to send the documents to Uni-assist for verification and after verification Uni-assist will forward the documents to the University for the Admission Process. Sometimes universities ask for an evaluation report (VPD) from Uni-assist and VPD should be directly send to university along with your other application documents. The following points should be kept in mind while applying through Uni-assist.

  • You will have to pay an initial fee of 75 Euro for the first application through Uni-assist and from the second application onwards it is 15 Euro each (for each intake). Please note that if you need to apply for the next intake again, you need to pay 75 euro again.
  • Once you send one set of notarized documents, you don’t have to send again when the next application comes (one set of documents is valid for one year).
  • The best way to send Uni-assist their payments is by including the details of your credit card in the payment form provided by them. You can send it along with your application document.

In most of the university applications, candidates have to first fill an online application in the university portal. Sometimes the application will be available in a downloadable pdf or word form. After the online application, it is time to send the documents through post. Few courses such as FH Aachen (MSc Automotive Engineering) requires only an online application and there is no need to send the application documents through post. The major sections covered in an online application includes the following,

  • Personal and contact information
  • Work experience details
  • Education details
  • Language certifications
  • Uploading of documents

It should be noted than few universities have rolling admission, i.e. these universities starts evaluating your application as soon as it reaches them and if the profile matches their expectations, admissions are rolled out even before the deadline. Therefore, it is recommended to apply ASAP once you have your documents ready. If you have further questions on filling the application forms or on application process, refer to the FAQ or ask in fs2ym community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the other ways of transferring money to Uni-assist?

International bank transfer is also possible and you can read more about it here. (

2. While filling the online application, should I give my high school or bachelor’s information or both?

For all master applications, it is mandatory to provide the bachelor degree details. Sometimes, the university does not ask for high school details and therefore is not required. In most of the cases, a candidate need to provide both high school and bachelor information.

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