I got an admit and is waiting for more admits to come. How should i select which course to pursue? Should i start with the blocked account now?  



Got admit in two different universities. 


Hi, Firstly since you have got an admit, proceed with the blocked account process. You should do this process ASAP and not wait any longer. Keep in mind that you can change the university after opening the blocked account or even after getting your visa for a specific university. Check out the various ways through which you can get the blocked account done here

Regarding selection of which course to pursue, your primary focus should be on the modules that you are going to study. Check the course modules in detail and go for the one you like the best. Secondly, if you feel both courses are good, look for location, proximity to industries, reputation of the univerisity. In Germany, more that from which university you study, it is the skills that gets you a job after graduation. All the best.

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