How to change visa issued to another university  



If we get a visa with the first admission offer received, what are the exact steps in changing to another university  when offer is received later? Do we need to go to the consulate in the new university selected and do something? or do we need to go to the consulate wrt which the visa was stamped initially? Expecting an experience from someone who did this earlier.


What you did please reply?



I had experienced the same situation while coming to Germany few years back. I had got visa for university A and moved to University B after reaching here. There is no process as such. You can enter Germany with the approved visa and then enroll at the university of your interest. After you enroll and do the city registration, put a mail to university A stating that you will not be attending the course. It is not mandatory to send the mail, however it will be good if you do. All the best

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