How to fill your German Student Visa Application form?

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Filling your German Student Visa Application correctly is required for a successful visa interview.  The information need to accurate to the best of your knowledge. With this article, we intend to provide an insight into filling the visa application form. Kindly note that this is just a sample and varies from student to student.

1) Information on the applicant: Most of the information asked in this section is self explanatory and needs to be filled correctly. Care should be taken while filling the first and surname as it should match with your identification document.

2. Information on the applicant’s spouse/registered partner: Provide the details of your spouse/registered partner

3. Information on the applicant’s children: Provide the details of your children

4.Information on the applicant’s parents: Provide details of your parents

5. Have you ever been to Germany before?: If you have traveled to Germany before, provide the details regarding the same.

6. Intended place of stay in Germany: Mostly, students opt for single rooms or shared apartments. Provide the details as given in your accommodation contract. If you do not have a contract yet, you can fill the details of your intended place of stay.

7. Do you intend to maintain your permanent residence outside the Federal Republic of Germany?: In most of the cases, you will be maintaining your permanent residence of your home country

8. Do family members intend to accompany you?: Provide the details accordingly.

9. Purpose of stay in the Federal Republic of Germany: Since you are going for your study, you can cross study. Also, do not cross the check box ( I intend to stay no longer than twelve months in the Federal territory and apply for a visa that covers the whole duration of my stay) since you will be staying for a minimum of 18 months to finish your masters program.

10. References in the Federal Republic of Germany

11. Trade or profession for which you trained and, if different, your current trade or profession

12.  Intended duration of stay in Germany:

13.What are your means of subsistence?: Provide details on how you will be funding yourself for your master study. In the subsection where cross yes if you have the health insurance confirmation (such as TK). You can apply for TK health insurance here. Also note that, your 3/6 months travel insurance does not make you eligible to cross yes in this section. You need to have health insurance confirmation from companies such as TK.

DISCLAIMER : The information available in this article is intended to provide general information to the applicants. Use of above information is solely at the discretion of the user. I shall not be held liable for any claim for any loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained in this document.


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