The Insurance Story – All about the insurances required for your travel to Germany

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There has always been a recurring discussion in the student community on the types of insurances needed for student visa and enrollment at the university. We intend to clarify the insurance story with this blog.

You have to start with opening a blocked account as soon as you get an admit confirmation from one of the universities. There are different ways, by which you can open a blocked account and you read more about it here.   There are two types of insurances that you need, travel and health insurances and the timeline can be shown as below.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance should be taken for a time period of 3 to 6 months depending on the requirement of German consulates at your home country. Some consulates, such as Bangalore Consulate in India ask for travel insurance for 3 months. Keep in mind that the travel insurance must cover the period between your departure from home country and enrollment at the German university.

fs2ym recommendation

We would recommend getting the FREE travel insurance by ERV. You can read more about it here.

Health insurance

German health insurance from public insurance providers is mandatory for your enrollment at the university. TK and AOK are the most commonly used health insurance providers by students in Germany and provide almost similar benefits. The cost of the health insurance premium is approximately 90 Euros for students.

fs2ym recommendation

We would recommend getting TK health insurance since unlike AOK, TK is one entity throughout Germany. AOK on the other hand is different in different part of Germany. For eg, AOK Nord West is not the same company as AOK Baden Württemberg even though both are branded as AOK. This might cause troubles when students move to different cities in Germany for internships and thesis during their studies.

How to apply for health insurance while you are still in your home country?

Health insurance is not dependent on the university i.e one can change the course/university after getting the insurance confirmation. You can apply for TK health insurance through our insurance partner (coracle) here. Be informed that you will start paying the premium only after the enrollment at the university and the best part is we do this service for students free of cost and completely online.

If you have further questions on the insurance story, write to or join our after admit WhatsApp group. You can read about how to join the WhatsApp group here.

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