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CV & Cover Letter Preparation


Preparing your documents is the first step for your internship application. The two most important documents are your CV and Cover Letter.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV should be maximum of two pages and you should keep in mind that your CV is the first and sometimes the only document viewed by the recruiter. Care should be taken while preparing the same and ideally should have the following structure,

a) Personal Details: A well taken professional photo (headshot) is must for your CV. It is one of the few things that catches the attention of the recruiter. Other personal details such as full name, address, email id, phone number should also be included.

b) Education: Include all your institution details including time frame (month/year), grades in German system, location and major subjects (optional)

c) Work Experience/Internships: Start with your recent work experience and include time frame (month/year), location, job position and responsibilities. Make sure your responsibilities match the job description put up by your prospective employer. You can use bullets to mention your responsibilities and achievements.

d) Language Skills: Make sure that you mention your level of proficiency correctly. If you have a German language proficiency of A2, be truthful and keep it as A2 since HR recruiters can easily asses and identify your level of proficiency.

e) Technical Skills: Include relevant technical skills in this section. These could be programming languages or skills in using technical software’s such as Matlab, Ansys etc.

f) Interests: Include your hobbies in this section. E.g. Cooking, Biking, football, etc.

g) Date, Place and signature

A couple of more points are listed below which insures a perfect CV for your application,

– You need to change your CV as per the job requirements and should not include irrelevant information.
– Always keep in mind to include the key words from the job advertisement.
– Give proper spacing and font size to make it easier for the recruiter to identify your key skill sets.
– Proof read your CV with others to check for grammatical and spelling errors.
– Sometimes, it is required to translate your CV to German and should be done carefully by taking help from German Language Experts.

Cover Letter

Cover letter also plays a critical role in your application and needs to be made perfect. Few points that could insure a quality cover letter are as follows,

  • Cover letter should be a one page document.
  • Cover letter should be structured in a letter format and should contain information such as name, your address, date, addressee, subject matter, salutation, contents and signature.
  • Make sure that your Cover Letter is not a replication of you CV. This document provides you an opportunity to showcase your abilities and skills to match the job requirements.
  • First paragraph should contain information on why you are applying to this particular company and position. What are the most important factors that motivated you to apply for this position? The first paragraph should be short and simple explaining the big “WHY”.
  • Second Paragraph can be focused on your CV elaborating your abilities and skill set. Give emphasis on those skills which matches with your job description. What skills do you bring from your previous experience? How and where did you gain the experience? Special projects and achievements? Make sure you give examples to corroborate your statements.
  • Third Paragraph should majorly be focusing on the position that you applied and the company. You can write about how you could contribute to the company and how you fit specifically to the job position.
  • The last paragraph can contain information on notice period, availability and salary expectations (if required) and how you can add value to the company.

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