Accommodation Hunting

Finding accommodation is a taunting task in Germany and you should start looking for accommodation as soon as you finalize the city you are going to. This is one of the process that students tend to neglect and struggle at a later point of time. It is perfectly okay to have short term apartments or shared apartments rather than long term contracts. In big cities like Munich, Berlin and Aachen, it is really hard to find accommodation.

A few of the methods by which you can get this process started are as follows,

  • Get in touch with the international office and take their support in finding an accommodation
  • Apply to Studentenwerk dorms in your city . You can register at a studentenwerk even before you get an admit letter
  • Get in touch with senior students who are already doing the course at your university and also explore facebook groups for student communities in Germany

Additionally, the following websites also helps you in accommodation hunting. You can send the message (preferably in German or both) and also call them directly if a contact number is provided. However, do not pay any amount before visiting the apartment since there are fraudulent accommodation listing out there. Make sure you check the room out by yourself once you come here or by friends who are already here before any payment.

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