Application for Travel & Health Insurance

German health insurance from public insurance providers is mandatory for your enrollment at the university. TK and AOK are the most commonly used health insurance providers by students in Germany and provide almost similar benefits. The cost of the health insurance premium is approximately 106 Euro for students.

We would recommend getting TK health insurance since unlike AOK, TK is one entity throughout Germany. AOK on the other hand is different in different parts of Germany. For eg, AOK Nord West is not the same company as AOK Baden Württemberg even though both are branded as AOK. This might cause troubles when students move to different cities in Germany for internships and thesis during their studies.

You can apply for TK health insurance through our insurance partner (coracle) here.

If you have further questions.Kindly go through the FAQs or ask a query in fs2ym community or join our WhatsApp group by messaging here

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I use my travel insurance for enrollment?

The travel insurance or any other type of insurances taken outside European Union is not accepted for enrollment at the university. All non-EU students (age <30) must take German Public Health Insurance to enroll at the university.

2. I have some health issues, will it be covered?

YES. All the existing medical problems will be covered by Public Health Insurance.

3. When do I have to start paying?

You start to pay only after your arrival ie. after semester start. The first premium will be booked on 15th of the following month of your arrival.

4. Can I change my university after getting the insurance confirmation?

YES. Insurance is independent of University or the city. It is valid all over Germany. This is valid even if u move to different city later of internship or thesis.

5. Is there any process that needs to be done after reaching Germany?

You will have to update your address and student enrollment certificate in the portal (portal link will be provided with confirmation email). Once you update the address, TK will send the insurance card via post.

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