Plan your travel

The following points should be kept in mind while making your travel plans to Germany,

It is advisable to travel on a week day and preferably one week before beginning of your study. While booking your flight tickets, make sure you are not reaching Germany on a holiday or weekend and your flight reaches the destination preferably in morning/afternoon.

Make sure you have a good idea on how much luggage you are planning to have. It is ideal to travel light with less luggage since you will have to handle everything by yourself. Some international airports in Germany have logistics companies such as DHL/Hermes with which one can send the luggage to your address in Germany. One bag will cost around 17 Euro for a weight up to 30 kg.

Try to find out other students who are also travelling to the same destination and plan your travel together.

Install Deutsche Bahn Navigator app to check the connections from the airport to your destination.

There are different websites that you can use to compare the ticket prices. Make use of popular travel search engines such as yatra, make my trip, google flights, skyscanner, momondo etc to compare the rates of different airlines and varying dates. Additionally, look for bigger airports near to your destination. In most of the cases, the tickets rates between major cities are usually cheaper. Keep an eye of the allowable baggage ad make sure it suits your requirements.

After identifying the potential routes/travel date/airlines from your initial search, have a final look into the rates in the website of the airlines as well. It is ideal to take tickets directly from individual airlines if there is not much difference in ticket price. Popular airlines links have been provided below.

If you intend to travel by train (ICE/IC) after arriving at an international airport, make sure you have the DB Navigator installed in your smartphone. It is better to book the train connections from DB information center at the airport. Sometimes flights might get delayed and you might miss the connection train to your destination. You can also make use of the Rail&Fly service put forward by airlines such as Lufthansa

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