Process after reaching Germany

We have put together the steps (in order of priority) that one needs to do after reaching Germany.

Enroll at the university as soon as you reach to get the student card and other benefits. You will need the TK health insurance confirmation document (refer here), admit letter and passport copy.

For your city registration, you will need passport, your rental contract and a confirmation letter from your landlord which states that you have moved in. The last form is mandatory and must be filled and stamped by the landlord.

Next step would be to go to Deutsche Bank for blocking process. You must have an address and a confirmation letter on the blocked amount. The bank will not charge you for their service and the account for students is free however for blocking account you may have to pay 150€ once. If have done the process with Kotak, you have to open a new account in a German bank and share the information with employees at Kotak India.

Since your initial visa is for 3 months, you will have to extend your visa. Contact the foreigner’s office at your city to get an appointment to extend your visa.

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