Travelling to Germany

Carry copies of documents such as admit letter, blocked account statement, flight tickets and passport since you might need these at the immigration offices.

If you have friends or family to receive you at the airport in Germany, it’s perfect. If not, make sure you can manage the luggage till your destination.

The amount of money that need to be carried with individuals. Typically you will need to have money for first month rent+ caution + 300 euro (initial expenses). Initial expenses depends on how much items you are planning to buy in Germany. If you have brought all the items as mentioned in the shipping list, 300 euro is more than sufficient.

If your account is with Kotak Bank (India), make sure you have good money (may be 1000 Euro) since you will not be able to withdraw any money unless Kodak transfers money to your new German bank account. There are instances in which it took more than 2 months to get the money transferred to a German account from Kodak.

Install DB Navigator in your smart phone.


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