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Language Certifications

English language certification

This certification is mandatory for English taught programs in Germany. English proficiency can be proved with language certifying institutes of TOEFL or IELTS. Both test results are accepted by the university selection committee. However, there is an increasing trend in students preferring IELTS over TOEFL for application in German universities. Once you decide on embarking on doing your masters in Germany, the first step is to register for IELTS examination.

Read more about IELTS examination here

Register for IELTS exam at the earliest in order to complete the first step. However, give yourself ample time for preparation. You can find the earliest possible date in your nearest city here . Check for available dates in other cities if you are looking for earlier dates.

Preparation for your exam can be done as per your preference and flexibility. There are sufficient resources freely available to aid your preparation such as the resources provided by British Council. You can also buy any of the books below to aid your preparation. Additionally, you can enroll in an IELTS coaching institute if you need extra help with your preparation.

The results will be published online in 2 weeks by IELTS and the testing organization will send you a hard copy to the registered address by post. IELTS score is valid for 2 years.

German Language Certification

Even if the course of instruction is in English, you will be coming to a place where majority of the conversation in public places such as railway stations, super markets, restaurants etc. happen in German. Therefore, we highly recommend you to put sincere effort in learning the language as much as possible from your home country. Additionally, some universities ask for German language proficiency in their requirements. Ideally, the best way to learn the language is to enrol in a German language institute in your city.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which module should I select while doing the candidate registration for IELTS exam?

There are two versions of IELTS, Academic and General Training. However, IELTS Academic is recommended for students who are planning on study in Germany

2. What should be my target score for IELTS?

99% of the German universities requires a score of 6.5 or lower. Keep a target of 7.0 to be on the safe side. There are universities which asks for

3. If I get a great IELTS score, will it enhance my chances of admit?

IELTS score is just an eligibility criteria and is not used for evaluation of your application to universities. For e.g. if the requirement set forward by the university is 5.5, whether you score 5.5 for 7.5 have the same result, i.e. you meet the requirement for the university.

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