Why should you join fs2ym “after admit” WhatsApp group?

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Once you receive an admit from a German institute, it is just the beginning of a lot of paper work and process. Most of the times, students are mislead by social media. It is for this reason, we have come up with a unique group to help and guide students who have got an admit from a German University or a University of Applied Sciences. The major highlights on why you should join the group are briefly described with this blog,

1. Authentic Information Sharing: The admins of our after admit group (who are in Germany) provide all the information you need to make your travel to Germany smooth and less stressful. We have been running the after admit groups for years and thereby has the unique experience on all kinds of queries asked by the students. We know what is best for a student coming to Germany and always recommends to follow the suggestions put forward by the admins in the group.

2. Building your Network: Network building is an important factor in your professional and personal life. fs2ym after admit group helps you connect with like minded and motivated people who are taking the same path as yours. There is a high chance that people with whom you connect in the groups could turn out to be your life long friend in Germany. You will also stumble with students who are going to do the same course as yours or to the same university.

3. Money saving tips and tricks: Sharing the experiences and mistakes that we made helps you to be better prepared on the journey ahead. Our small tips and recommendation goes a long way in helping you save quite a lot of time and money in your transition.

4. Be a part of us: Many of our former group members are a part of fs2ym. Inspired by our founding member contribution in information sharing, we always welcome students to join us and to help your juniors after you settle down in Germany.

If you have got an admit and is looking forward to join our after admit group, write to us in Facebook. Also for read How to fill Visa application form, Insurance Story.

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