All about part time jobs for international students in Germany – Work Student, Internships, Thesis

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Part time jobs are considered a source of income for students studying in Germany. Therefore, it is important to know the various part time opportunities available to students. With this article, we also intend to clarify couple of points about work student, internships and master thesis in companies.

Part Time Jobs: Students are allowed to do part time for 120 full days or 240 half days. It should be noted that 120 full days corresponds to approximately 6 months if a student is working Monday till Friday. Students usually do part time in a variety of places ranging from packaging centers, restaurants, fast food centers, factories etc. Other than odd jobs, you can also find part time opportunities with the professor or concerned department at the university. Keep looking at the notice boards and university career section to know about the same. The minimum wage in Germany is approximately 8.5 Euro per hour.

Working Student: Working student is a concept in which students are employed at companies for a brief period. Usually students spend 15 to 20 hours per week at the company. The compensation is made hourly and is dependent on the company. Students usually get in the range of 10-15 Euro per hour. Students work in companies in a variety of functions as described in the job advertisement and companies usually prefer students from institutes close by. It is an amazing opportunity for students to connect with industry professionals and build their resume.

Internships: Unlike working students, internships are offered for a continuous period. The time frame is usually 3-6 months and could be extendable. There are two types of internship, mandatory internships and voluntary internships. Mandatory internships are included in your curriculum and are paid less ( the compensation starts from 400 Euro per month). Voluntary internships on the other hand is paid higher, however voluntary internship is counted in your 120 working days. Therefore care should be taken on managing the number of working days if you are planning on doing an internship for 6 months. 120 working days count starts from January and ends in December. For eg, if you have worked for 50 days in a factory in the year 2017, then you can only for voluntary internship in companies for the next 70 days for the same year. Read about internship application process here.

Master Thesis: Master thesis is always a part of the curriculum and is mostly paid less when compared to an internships. Thesis duration in a company is usually 16 weeks and could be extendable as internships/working student. Different companies have different regulations with respect to master thesis contracts and therefore need to be dealt accordingly. Students usually incorporate an internship or working student before starting the master thesis.


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