8 reasons to apply for health insurance (TK) online before reaching Germany

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Health insurance is mandatory for your enrollment and stay in Germany. Earlier students used to reach Germany, visit the insurance providers such as TK, AOK to get the health insurance confirmation. However, it is now possible to get your health insurance confirmation even before travelling to Germany. Below are the top 8 reasons on why you should apply for TK health insurance while in your home country,

1. Added VALUE to your visa application: Having the health insurance confirmation adds value to your visa application. You can cross “yes” in the visa application form where they ask about health insurance (subsection 13). You can read about how to fill your visa application form here.

2. Enrollment at the university on the first day: Early enrollment is important since you need to get the student benefits such as traveling card.

3. Hustle free and completely online process: You do not have to visit an insurance provider after reaching Germany which gives you one less tasks to do. It is important to finish maximum process possible before reaching to Germany. It takes some time before you settle down in a new country

4. Insurance card ready by the time you reach Germany: Your insurance card will most probably be ready by the time you reach Germany and will be shipped as soon as you reach.

5. No additional cost and payment starts after your enrollment

6. No accommodation contract required: There is no need to provide accommodation details to get the insurance confirmation. Insurance providers in Germany does require an address to get you the health insurance confirmation. Sometimes, you might not find an accommodation before the last date of your enrollment.  In these scenarios, applying online with coracle and fs2ym helps you get the health insurance confirmation in time for enrollment.

7. Online Enrollment: Few universities like TU Munich, TU Chemnitz, Saarland University has online enrollment. With the confirmed health insurance confirmation, you can do your university enrollment from your home country.

8. FREE travel Insurance: By doing your application to TK health insurance, you will also be getting a 6 month travel insurance (worth 40 Euor0) as a bonus. The free travel insurance is offered by the German company ERV and can be used in German consulates for visa purposes.

You can apply for TK health insurance confirmation here.


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