Tips and Tricks for Internship Application | by Mr. Loukik Modi | Intern at a German MNC

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The different phases of an internship application process can be  described as shown,

Preparation / Updating of Lebenslauf and Anschreiben 

  • The earlier you start the process the better it would be.
  •  Prepare the documents in both languages- English and German. Ideally, application language should match the language used in the position advertisement.
  • Your documents should reflect the proficiency and command you have over the respective
    language. Avoid usage which is not within your reach.
  • Use references only as references. The more efforts and hard work you put in to make your documents, the more original and better it would turn out and also help you in the longer run.
  • Get your documents checked from the available sources.
  • Keep on updating the Anschreiben in accordance with the position advertisement.

Search and apply for positions

  • Official websites of the companies are the best sources to search for vacancies.
  • Various portals like Stepstone, Indeed are also useful.
  • The standard time a company here takes to reply is a month from the time when your application is sent to them. This is obviously variable… someone may even get a reply in a week and sometimes no reply even after 2 months. Therefore apply for more positions
    and companies and after an application don’t wait … keep the further applications going on.
  • Blind and random applications would not be that helpful and hence try to improvise your Anschreiben according to the advertisement.
  • Rejections at this stage are a common phenomenon and with time it is definitely getting tougher. So don’t worry and repeat the process again, learning and improving from the previous experiences until you reach the next phase

Preparation for the interview

  • The invitation for the interview could be communicated via a call or E-mail.
  • Prepare a proper document with answers to some of the points like Introduction, Strengths and weaknesses, Hobbys, future plans, Questions like- Why you? Why this position? Why this company? Why Germany ?
  • Prepare for explanation for the points described in your Lebenslauf and more importantly in your Anschreiben.
  • If possible rehearse the interview with your friends. This would surely provide a boost of confidence and give you an idea before you face your first interview in Germany.
  • Be honest, be yourself, be confident

Acceptance of the result

  • Accept your success with gratitude and be grounded. Be thankful for whatever you have achieved. Try helping out others who are going through the same process.
  • Rejections after interview are also possible. Accept it, reflect over it, learn and improve from it, the experiences gathered would definitely be helpful in the long run ahead.
  • Be patient and keep on moving ahead.
  • Think over the process you have been through until this point…and make the appropriate changes.
  • Accept the fact that Luck does play a crucial role at every point…you being in Germany…you landing in a xyz organisation. A person may land up somewhere with just a few applications and a person not … even with a lot of applications….so avoid comparisons and work on the whole process diligently and consistently.

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About the writer: Mr. Loukik Modi is currently interning at Bosch Germany and is pursuing his masters in  Automotive Service Technology and Processes at Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften. 

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