Student Visa Experience | German Consulate Kolkata | by Mr. Arko Bhattacharjee | Winter 2017

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PLACE – Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kolkata
DATE – 10th July 2017
TIME – 11:15 AM (There is no need to come any early than 15 mins)
DURATION – 15 mins(approx.)
ADMIT – Ruhr University Bochum (Computational Engineering)

Take the appointment letter printout to the gatekeeper. He will cut you a receipt in which you have to fill your name and address along with the closet key. Put your belongings along with your mobile (except you document folders) in the assigned closet. Now you are good to go inside the embassy.

Wait for your name to be called by the VO. In the meantime, get the following things ready:
1.Passport along with its two photocopies.
2.DD – Now for the Kolkata embassy it’s a big deal to get a correct DD with respect to the letters printed on it (Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kolkata) or else you will be asked straight away to book another visa slot. In general, the students with SBI DD were sent back because they had space in between the alphabets of words (for eg. “Fe deral”). I took UBI DD which didn’t have such problems. Choose either UBI/AXIS/HDFC DD.
3.DD form – It’s available on the consulate website. Download it, fill it and take it along in order to save some effort. If not, the embassy will provide it.

Visa interview

VO – Good afternoon.
Me- Good afternoon.
VO- So you are applying for student visa.
Me – Yes mam.
VO – Hand over me the passport, it’s photocopies and DD form.
Me – Given.
VO – Give me the two sets of documents (They will assume that you have already arranged the required documents according to the order given in the checklist)
Me – I did the same. The order was:

1.Application form (Don’t paste the photo beforehand)
2.Declaration (Take it signed)
3.Cover letter(signed)
4.University admit (either German/English version)
5. IELTS (and German language certificates only if the course is German taught otherwise not mandatory)
6. • Class 10 Certificate
• Class 10 Mark-sheet
• Class 12 Certificate
• Class 12 Marksheet
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Bachelor’s Transcript
• Marksheets of all 8 semesters
7.Blocked account confirmation – I did it with FINTIBA (very smooth process and takes hardly 2 days for account opening and 2 days to          get confirmation after crediting the blocked amount. The process is completely online and takes 10 mins to do the application. The only    document required for opening is the scan of your passport. The process will be done without breaking a sweat.
8.Affidavit of support – For 2nd-year funds (see below the explanation as for what its required)
9.My father’s bank statement (last 12 months) along with ITR of last two years.
10.Work experience letter/pay slips (only if you are working)
11.Travel insurance – I got it from BAJAJ for 3 months (starting from the date of departure)
12.Health Insurance – Now this document is not mandatory. But since there is a way in which you can get health insurance certificate from TK by applying online. I took it along and it added some value to my visa application. The VO was surprised to see a German health insurance attached.

VO – Seems the documents are well organized.
VO – Duration of course? And the medium of instruction?
ME – 2 years, ENGLISH.
VO – Any Tuition fees?
ME – No. But have to give a social contribution of about 311 EUR per semester.
ME – Mam, I have a query regarding funds (Now this is the part in which the mystery behind the fact as for what reason the Kolkata consulate (unlike other consulates) ask for 2nd-year funds as well is solved)
VO – Yes, please.
*ME – Mam, I have contacted the embassy last month asking “Will any other documents apart from the BLOCKED AC confirmation be asked to the students having TUITION FREE admits? And got a reply that for tuition-free courses the blocked account confirmation will be sufficient. Then why we are being asked to show the same today?
*VO- See for TUITION free admits the financial proof for 2nd year is not MANDATORY. If someone doesn’t carry it we won’t force him/her to show the same. The reason for which we asked for 2nd year’s funds is because when you will go for visa extension (to make it 2 years) the embassy will already be having a note from us that the student has shown the fund’s for 2nd year as well and you will get your visa extended directly for 2 year’s. But, if it’s not the case, the authority in charge may check for your financial strength before giving an extension for 2 years.
Me – Thanks for the clarification.
VO – Count the number of originals and hand it over.
Me – Given.
VO – Fill up this form (The form in which you have to fill up your academic scores and your target university details)
Me – Given
VO – Starting date of course? Date of enrolment?
Me – Given (Now this is the moment in which you can get your visa activated from your desired date of travel)
VO – Place your right hand four fingers, left hand four fingers and two thumbs together for the biometric scan.
Me – Done.
VO – Here is your receipt. You will have to come down for stamping after visa approval which will take around 4 weeks.
Me – Okay. Thank You!

CONCLUSION – VI is not as tough as we think. It took me hardly 15 mins. The only thing which makes it look difficult is the unnecessary CRAP from social media. Filter out the useful information from the social media and use it accordingly or simply mail the embassy regarding every queries. They are always happy to help and are quick at responses. Be calm and maintain a smile throughout the VI and rest will follow. I hope this helps. Best of luck for your interview!

TK health insurance –
Fs2ym WhatsApp group – For all the tit bit queries and for the required updates before the interview.
German consulate email service –


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