Student Visa Experience | German Consulate Bangalore | by Mr. Sathish Kumar | Winter 2017

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PLACE – German consulate general, Bangalore
Date – 27th July 2017
TIME – 11 AM
DURATION – 10 mins(approx.)
ADMIT – Ruhr University Bochum (Computational Engineering)

Take the appointment letter printout to the security. After security check I entered embassy hall and took a deep breath smiling at VI officer from a small distance.

In the meantime, got the following things ready:
1.Passport along with its two sets photocopies.
3.Degree certificate

Around 11am she called up my name.

Me: Good morning mam! with a gentle smile.
VO: Good morning!!
VO: So for which visa are you applying for sir?
Me: Student visa for studying master’s
VO: Hand over me the passport, it’s photocopies and DD
Me: Given
VO: Alright! Give me 2sets of your documents.
Me : I arranged my documents as per the checklist.
The order was:
1.Application form (Don’t paste the photo beforehand)
2.Declaration (Take it signed)
3.Passport data sheet
4.Cover letter(signed)
5.University admit letter
6.IELTS (and German language certificates only if the course is German taught otherwise not mandatory)
7. Bachelor’s Degree certificate
8. Bachelor’s Transcript
9. 12th grade card
10. 10th grade card
11. Blocked account confirmation sheet (I got mine from DB, Germany)
12.Travel insurance – I got it from BAJAJ for 3 months (starting from a month before date of departure)
13.Health Insurance – This document is not mandatory. But since there is a way in which you can get health insurance certificate from TK by applying online, I took it along and it added some value to my visa application.
VO: So what is your highest qualification?
Me: B.E in Mechanical engineering
VO: okay. Which university are you going for?
Me: Answered
VO: Which course?
Me: Answered
VO: how many semester sir?
Me: 4sem
VO: Place your 4 fingers on the scanner, followed by thumbs.
Me: Placed and done.
VO: What’s your IELTS score?
Me: answered
VO: So when are you planning to fly sir?
Me: Oct 4th
VO: (Since I submitted complete documents, looking at my accommodation confirmation sheet) Oh you already booked your accommodation??
Me: Yes mam!
VO: When do the enrollment starts?
Me: Oct 5th
VO: Perfect!
VO: (Looking at my flight ticket copy) You booked your ticket for 4th Oct! Very good.

Meanwhile she gave me a feedback form to fill. I filled it up and submitted.
VO: Gave the receipt and told me to check my name in it (for any spelling corrections)
Me: Verified and told it’s perfect mam!
VO: Okay sir, we are keeping your degree certificate and passport with us, you will receive a mail from us once we receive feedback from Germany. It might take 4weeks to get your passport.
Me: Thank you very much

Conclusion: Be calm and maintain a smile throughout the VI and rest will follow. I hope this helps. Best of luck for your interview!

TK health insurance –
Fs2ym WhatsApp group – For all the tit bit queries and for the required updates before the interview

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