Student Visa Experience | German Consulate Bangalore | by Mr. Yogesh Kurade | Summer 2018

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Name: Yogesh Kurade

VISA Venue: Bangalore Consulate

Institute: Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

Course: Engineering Sciences

First of all my gratitude to  FS2YM for letting me express my experience and would also thank FS2YM for helping me prepare well for my visa interview. Because I was part of the FS2YM Whatsapp Admits group, I could pay attention to details. Like from when to book the travel date, which addresses to mention when you don’t have an accommodation yet, suggestions to avoid mistakes in VISA application form and many other things.

My VISA experience was way simpler than I had anticipated! Because it was over in 15 minutes (questions, documents & Biometric).  I had put my thoughts very well to convince them at one go for questions like,

  • Why do you want to study in Germany rather than in Indian IITs/NITs, if at all you want to return India after your masters?
  • How are you going to put your knowledge for improving society?
  • Why are you changing to Mechatronics (my background is Mechanical)?

And also I was prepared to answer satisfactorily every question in German (As I have B1, I had to speak German when I had been for attestation previously at the consulate), and I was expecting at least basic questions in German.

Few suggestions

Reached half an hour before my appointment time(They did not let a person, who was late for 10 minutes). Small advice, do not carry any suspicious items, arrange your documents on one side of the bag and rest stationary and everything in other(The guard checks everything).   Do not forget to take a copy of your visa appointment confirmation(A person did forget and had to run around for 30minutes till the shops were open!). Be calm and sound confident. And do not forget to look presentable.(For men, Formals and shoes recommended, comb your hair and trim your beard. You would definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on your first impression.)

As I was seated a person who appeared before my interview was asked to write a write MOTIVATION ESSAY and I started jotting down some thoughts on a paper(thinking I would also be asked too) on, why I chose Germany, the university I will study at, why the particular course and few more thoughts to convince my efforts and story. And then I was called upon!

The Visa Interview

Me: Good Morning!

Visa Officer: Good Morning! Here for an employment visa?

Me: No Ma’am. I have applied for a student visa.

Visa officer: okay. Give me two sets of documents.(only photocopies, didn’t take photocopies of semester marks cards and don’t forget to arrange them according to CHECKLIST)

Visa officer: What is your course?

Me: Engineering Sciences. It is an interdisciplinary course and one can specialize in one of the four given domains.

Visa officer: Give me your passport and DD(make sure the name in the DD spells correctly!)

Visa officer: What did you study previously?

Me: I pursued Mechanical Engineering from SDM College of Engineering & Technology.

Visa officer: Okay.  When did you complete?

Me: 2016 Ma’am.

Visa officer: Okay. Give me 3 photographs. And What’s your overall IELTS score?(asked verbally)

Me:  X.X Ma’am.

Visa Officer: And you have done B1?

Me: Yes(I expected next questions to start in German and started loading my vocabulary, but she intended to continue in English!)

Visa officer: And what are you doing in Bangalore?

Me: I’m here only for my VISA interview.

Visa officer: Which is your course and how long is it?

Me: Engineering Sciences and it is 3 semesters long(1.5 years)

Visa officer: Do you have an accommodation in Germany?

Me: I have applied for a student dorm, Ma’am.

Visa officer: Then, I’ll add your University address to any communication.

Me: Hmmm.

Visa officer: Did you understand?

Me: Yes, Ma’am.

Visa officer: When do you wish to travel?

Me: I’m flying on 2nd March with XXX Airlines?

Visa officer: Already booked your flight?

Me: Yes, Ma’am.

Visa officer: Hmmm, shouldn’t do that!

Me: oh, okay, ma’am

VISA Officer: No anyone in Germany?

Me: Told a reference in University.

Visa Officer: No, Do you have any relatives or a family member in Germany?

Me: None at all, Ma’am!

Visa Officer: Give me your original Degree certificate. It’ll be with us.

Me: Hmmm, I’ll get it today itself?

Visa Officer: No, you can collect it when you are here to collect your passport.

Me: Sure, Ma’am.

Visa Officer: Give me your blocked account document. And your parents are funding your study?

Me: Yes, Ma’am.

Visa Officer: Let’s do the biometric.

Me: yes, Ma’am(took 2-3 minutes, carry a handkerchief)

Visa Officer: Okay. I’ll give you an acknowledgement memo; bring it while you are here to collect your passport.

Me: Okay, Ma’am. And the date for collecting the passport will be communicated via email?

Visa Officer: Yes.

Me: When can I expect the email, Ma’am?

Visa Officer: It takes up to 8 weeks.

Me: Okay, Ma’am.

Visa Officer: You can go now. And all the best!

Me: Thank you, ma’am.

And it was over. Prepare answers to every scenario and think how they can counter your answer and prepare accordingly as well. If you are vague and not confident, you will be asked more and more questions and also be asked to write a MOTIVATION ESSAY (although not a big deal!). Be mindful, don’t get anxious. You are going there to explain, why you want to go, where and what you’ll do. That’s it. Hope that helps!

I might have missed on few things, but you don’t!

In addition to the documents mentioned in the checklist, I had carried following but I wasn’t asked to furnish these.

  • Father’s bank statements, 2) Medium of Instruction certificate (from engineering college) 3) Transcripts.


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