How to get the FREE travel insurance for students going to Germany ? A step by step process

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Financial & Insurance start up company in Germany, Coracle, has come up with a unique and attractive offer for students coming to Germany. In addition to their existing service of providing health insurance completely online, the company is now providing 6 months travel insurance for free to it its student clients. This presents the students coming from abroad a unique possibility of getting the travel insurance for FREE.  So now the big question on how to get the free travel insurance,

Step 1: Get your documents ready. You will need your confirmed admit letter, blocked account opening statement, passport copy and a photograph.  Make sure you have the digital copies of all these documents.

Step 2: Apply for the public health insurance (TK) completely online at no additional cost here. It will barely take 2 minutes to fill the application.  While doing the application check the box which asks if you want the free travel insurance and provide the intended travel dates. You can read about how to fill the online application form here.

Step 3: Now wait for 1-2 working days to get the public health insurance confirmation with which you can do your enrollment at the university. You will also get the travel insurance confirmation as well along with this mail

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