Only 16 days for my Visa Interview!! How did I plan to have a smooth Visa Process? |Experience Sharing| Mr. Sampreeth Madhur |Bangalore Consulate

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I was left with 16 days, for visa interview after I had received my admit letter from the university. I would like to share my experience with students as it could help them in their journey. Below you can get an insight into how i planned my time,

Firstly, I joined fs2ym after admit group to get valuable insights and information from students and professionals who are already in Germany. One can join the group by sending a message in fs2ym facebook page.

Since I was left with very little time, I decided to apply for blocked account at Kotak Mahindra Bank as recommended by fs2ym in their website. [Update: Better options  such as Coracle PRIME are available now] I was told that the account could be opened in just 4-5 days. But unfortunately, the blocked account activation itself took 14 days for activation. In order to speed up the process, I planned to apply for TK health insurance and the travel insurance ERV that comes along with it as a bonus (no charges for travel insurance, absolutely free ) since it was suggested by fs2ym. Travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for visa interview at Bangalore consulate.The insurance can be applied completely online and it would take 2-3 days for confirmation of insurance and received of the certificate. The application for insurance also needs a copy of written blocked account confirmation from the bank.Even though my blocked account was activated, I had not received the written confirmation yet. I contacted fs2ym team and explained them the situation, that I had just 2 days left for the visa interview and I have not yet applied for the travel insurance.

The team discussed the matter with their contacts in the insurance company and asked me to apply for the insurance online with just my admit letter and as soon as I receive the blocked account confirmation from the bank, I was asked to mail them the confirm letter. Moreover, fs2ym had assured me that the insurance would be activated overnight, and won’t take the usual 2-3 days. To my surprise I had received the insurance confirmation the very next day afternoon after I had applied. The same day I had received my blocked account confirmation too, which I mailed to fs2ym. Everything happened within such a short time, to my relief.

I hope sharing this experience will help students in dealing with the stressful situation of getting all your documents ready for visa interview. I would also like to thank fs2ym team in guiding me throughout and will always encourage incoming students to take their guidance. Thank you.

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