FAQ – FREE Travel Insurance offered by Coracle Germany

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Coracle is offering FREE Travel insurance for students who are coming to Germany from summer 2018. Since the service offered by Coracle is new, we receive many queries regarding the same. With this blog, we intend to clarify the most frequently asked questions with respect to the FREE travel insurance provided by Coracle.

1. Is it accepted by German Consulates?

YES. Coracle FREE travel Insurance comply with all the German /Schengen Visa requirements for students coming to Germany. The company guarantee 100% acceptance for Visa application.

2. I do not see the name of Coracle free travel Insurance listed by Consulates of my home country. Why?

The list is show you which Travel Insurance from your country (local providers)are accepted. As not all the local insurance providers meet the visa requirements, Consulates list approved ones to avoid confusions. Travel Insurances provided by established German companies comply with all the requirements and are accepted by ALL the German Consulates

Below is a screenshot from Offical Consulate page



3. What is the name of the Insurance provider?

Gemany based ERV ERGO (Europische Reise Versicherung) is the provider.

4. What is the intended date of Travel?

The travel insurance will be valid from this date. It is safer to use the start date of your visa (the date you plan to mention in the “Intended date of Travel” part of Visa application”

5. I do not know the exact start date. what should I do.?

As the travel insurance will have a longer coverage period, a rough estimate of your start date is fine. Who is the travel insurance provider? If needed, you can change this date at a later date.

6. How can I get this Travel Insurance for free?

Coracle offers the Travel Insurance for free as a welcome bonus for your German Health Insurance registration. A valid German Health Insurance is mandatory for Enrollment and to live in Germany.

1. Visit the TK health insurance application page on fs2ym or coracle website
2. In the application form, activate the check-box for travel insurance.

If you do not have blocked account : select “Others” as bank name and UPLOAD copy of your admit letter once more.Takes maximum 2 working days to get both the confirmation letters

7. Is the Free travel insurance valid only with TK health insurance? Can I take AOK or HEK and still get the Free travel insurance? 

Coracle offers the free travel insurance with any of the public insurance providers such as AOK or HEK. However, fs2ym only recommends TK health insurance since it is the best. You can read more about it here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to join our after admit group or send us an email at contact@fs2ym.com

Content Courtesy: Coracle

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