Course Insight: MSc. Automotive Service Technology and Processes at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

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This blog on the course Automotive Service Technology and Processes is written by Mr. Loukik Modi who is a student at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and is likely to be graduated in 2019. We would like to thank him for the time spend in writing this blog and sharing information to prospective students.


Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences offers ‘Automotive Service Technology and Processes’, that touches a wide variety of streams and provides a good mix of technical and management subjects.

Here is a description from the official website: ‘In the first semester, the emphasis lies on management and inter- cultural aspects. The second semester deals with technology and quality. The third and final term consists of two specializations in the field of vehicle communication technology, and the practical phase.’

Main subjects

I would like to summarize a few subjects to give an overview of the course:

Business Management- Basics of business and management, strategic planning levels and components of business strategy, enterprise crisis levels, Business tools like Porter’s forces, Ansoff’s matrix, SWOT, PESTEL, value chain analysis, Concepts
regarding customer relationship management, Marketing tools and strategies, overview of enterprise structure and organization, features of communication process and characteristics of verbal styles.

Strategic Management- Drivers of business, orientation types for international management, role of culture in management, overview of cultural dimensions, components of strategy for market entry and timing.

Project Management- Detailed study of the phases involved in project management, study of factors affecting business environment, benefits of project management, study of project lifecycle, international aspects of project management, new product success and failure reasons, service training characteristics, study of TNA, Service profit chain, competence ladder, virtuous and vicious cycle.

Quality Management- Principles of quality management, study of ISO standards and process models involved, types of processes and process landscape, tools for process improvement, phases and types of audit, overview of new and old quality tools, including FMEA and QFD.

Product Support- Processes and concepts involved in technical service, pillars for customer satisfaction, types and features of field monitoring methods, overview of fault elimination process and service core process, types of PCC, product influencing concepts- CoO & TCO, Maslow model of needs, Kano model, concepts regarding maintenance, risk analysis.

Logistics- Detailed study of supply chain management, procurement, distribution, inventory management, process and information management, material flow planning, Diagnostics- CAN, OBD, Layers in network based communication: Physical, data link,
network, application.

Service Technology- Concepts related to structure from manufacturer to importer to dealership to customer, Customer and Dealer satisfaction principles, Product and Service Quality features, Service processes, KPIs for after sales, technical documentation overview, roles of service advisor.

Service Quality- Aspects of sales quality, service quality and product quality along with actual examples, GAP / SERVQUAL Model, KPIs to measure quality, Quality leaders based on different frameworks

Infotainment- Overview of concepts and devices like transistors, LED, touchscreen, safety systems, sensors, actuators. As the course covers many fields, the possible opportunities after completing the course are quite well distributed across various branches and departments.

Future prospects after the course:

The knowledge and information absorbed through the wide range of subjects and fields in the different semesters opens up a lot of opportunities where a career can be made. Depending on the individual interests, a career is possible mostly in fields like Logistics,
Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Project Management, Product support and management, Diagnostics, Business Development.

After Admit Process

Once you get an acceptance letter, you can join the after admit group maintained by fs2ym to get information on blocked account process,
visa application, accommodation etc.

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