Student Visa Experience | German Consulate Bangalore | by Mr. Pavan Vishwanath | Winter 2018

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Basic profile

Name : Pavan Vishwanath
Bachelor Degree : BE Mechanical engineering
College : PESIT, Graduated 2014, Bangalore
GPA : 9.16/10
Company : Lam research, Mechanical engineer Sr

Admitted  University : TUHH, Mechatronics

how many universities applied : haha! Only one & nailed it!
1. There was no LOR, SOP asked for admission process – I know! It’s the best feeling 🙂
2. Entire application process was online and its completely free!
Chill, No cons yet!

FS2YM : First step 2 your masters

This is the social group started by Indian students at Germany to guide the prospective students with all their questions regarding Visa processing, blocked account creation, living in Germany. Any one can connect to them Via Facebook.

FS2YM created a whatsaap group to help students with their queries, I cant imagine the help and support given by the team. These guys were very active in the group and literally read all the threads in what’s app and replied with great, useful answers even though they are busy with their own studies.

Kudos! fs2ym is providing amazing help, your effort made students life very easy indeed!

Blocked account : FS2YM strongly recommended X-Patrio for the blocking the Visa amount.

My experience with X-Patrio was amaing, off course I did some research about them before I made up my mind to go ahead with them & confirmed with Bangalore consulate over the email that X-Patrio was accepted by consulate to block the amount.
It took me 10 minutes to register to their website (entering personal data, upload passport and relevant documents) X-Patrio reviewed my data and confirmed with in a day and provided the German bank account number to which I can transfer 8640 euro (720 X 12 month). I had taken a student loan so bank did the money transfer to X-Patrio account, to my surprise X-Patrio acknowledged the money transfer and gave me blocked account confirmation with in 3 working days. Entire process was online, Hassle free. The FAQ on X-Patrio process also helped me clear my doubts.

TK Insurance : I got my TK health insurance with in 2 days from Coracle, travel insurance was complimentary. Entire process was online and very simple steps to follow.

Visa slot booking : Booking visa slot sucked !!!!! At Bangalore consulate. Students had to wake up early morning 3:30 to book visa slots. 2018 was so bad that students applications to Germany surged (because of Mr Trumps drama in USA) and consulates couldn’t handle it with less manpower (people can call women power, I don’t mind. Don’t call me sexist! :)) situation was worst than booking Tatkal tickets! I mean it. Even before we enter Captch slots were taken by some one else.

Visa Interview experience : after 2 months of struggle I could book it on 16/07/18 @ 9 AM.

I arrived to consulate at 8.45 AM (Just in time concept, lol) I had strictly followed the visa checklist, no extra drama!
Don’t forget to take the photocopy of demand draft, Degree certificate as these are needed for visa. To my surprise Visa interviewer was Indian Lady, middle aged but really nice human being. She only greeted me with good morning with a nice smile and asked simple questions about the course, college, current profession, blocked account, accommodation etc she collected the documents mentioned in the checklist (visa application, declaration, passport copy, IELTS copy, degree certificate, Blocked account confirmation, Accomodation confirmation, one biometric photo) I answered all the questions with calm and great smile on face!

Visa interview was over with in 15 minutes!

Summary : For successful journey to Germany, the mantra is “DAAD+FS2YM+Coracle+X-Patrio

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