My experience with X-Patrio | Mr. Pritish Kishore | Winter 2018

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This blog is written by Mr. Pritish Kishore who will be starting his masters study in TU Darmstadt (winter 2018). We would like to thank him for sharing his experience with X-Patrio.

Blocked Account

Opening the X-Patrio blocked account  is a very easy 3 step process that takes roughly 5 days from the point one registers with X-Patrio to receiving the blocked account confirmation from them, provided all steps are executed consecutive days. Below are the steps which I followed:

1) First register with them and provide all details that are requested on X-Patrio Blocked Account page

2) Once this is done, they verify the copy of the passport uploaded in Step 1 and send you the Confirmation of Blocked Account Opening. In this, they confirm that a blocked account has been opened for you. This document specifies the account to which one must transfer the blocked amount and processing fee (8849 Euro). The account details list Eric Neuendorff as the beneficiary. Even though this may appear fraudulent initially, I can assure you that it is not as Eric is a lawyer in Germany and his law firm has been authorized by the Federal Republic of Germany to hold funds in escrow.

3) Transferring 8849 Euro can be done from any bank account provided it contains its equivalent in INR in addition to the transfer fee charged by the bank at the current exchange rate. Please ensure that you transfer only the exact amount of 8849 Euro as any excess amount may be flagged by the strict Anti-Money Laundering laws in Germany. I would advise you to make this transfer from a bank branch rather than use their online facility because it becomes easier to mention the Blocked Account User ID on the transaction. Please ensure that you mention to the cashier processing your transaction that this User ID (reference text) needs to be mandatorily mentioned as is because X_Patrio will use that to correlate your transaction and subsequently credit your account.

4) The outward remittance from most Indian banks is enabled by the SWIFT network and takes around 2-3 days to successfully credit at the receiver’s end. This can be tracked as well (bank’s customer care should be able to help should you feel the need to track).

5) Once the amount is credited, you will receive a Blocked Account Confirmation, which is to be printed and presented to the Embassy during your VISA interview.


TK Health Insurance

You just need to fill up the form here and you will get the TK confirmation in 24 hours. Overall it was a very quick and efficient process which could be dealt with from the comfort of your homes for the most part.


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