How to fill Coracle Blocked Account Application?

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In this blog, we would like to briefly describe on doing your application for Coracle Blocked Account. As you might already know, Coracle provides the cheapest ( 99 Euro) and fastest (1-2 days) solution in the market. If you are new to the blocked account process and did not make up your mind , you can read about the various blocked account service providers here. You can easily fill the blocked account application form here.

1.Personal Information: This section deals with information such as name, nationality, place of birth etc. You need to make sure that the information is filled as given in your passport especially first name and last name.

2.Blocked Account Information: In this section, you need to provide details of the required blocked. If you are Master student coming to Germany, you will need a blocked account for 12 months ( 720 Euro per month). Sometimes when you try to extend your visa while you are in Germany, the visa office insists on having a blocked account with 735 Euro per month. In these scenarios, you can choose the blocked amount as 735. Once you fill the blocked amount and number of blocked account, you can see the total amount that need to be transferred. We recommend to use InstaRem services for overseas money transfer as they provide the best exchange rates.


3.Identification Information: In this section,  provide your passport details and upload a copy of your passport. If you are already in Germany, you will have to give details of your address and phone number.

Well! That is it. Just 3 simple steps and you will get the blocked account opening statement from Coracle in 24 -48 hours. Once you receive the confirmation. transfer the required amount to your blocked account and you are done. If you still have further questions, feel free to get in touch with us (WhatsApp) at +91 9645446797.

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