Transferring money to your Coracle Blocked account with InstaRem

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In our last blog, we had detailed and recommended InstaRem as the best service provider to transfer your money abroad for educational purposes. There has been numerous queries has been raised by students on transferring money to Coracle Blocked Account. If you have not opened Coracle blocked account yet, you can fill the application form here. With this blog, we intend to clear the most frequently asked question with respect to Money Transfer to Coracle BA.

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The first step involves signing up to InstaRem here. Also check out our last blog here for filing all the initial details.

  1. Recipient Details

  • Since Coracle has partnered with LemonWay (payment service provider) who receives and routes your funds to your Blocked Account, the recipient should be corporate.
  • Company Name: LemonWay
  • Relationship: Vendor
  • Address: LemonWay address or Student Overseas address. Both are okay.

  • After entering the IBAN details, recipient will be added to your InstaRem account.
  1. Transaction Note

  • Enter your coracle blocked account reference ID in the add note section of InstaRem. This will link your transfer to your coracle BA.

  • Do not forget to your REFERRAL CODE “PkWR1E” while registering your account with InstaRem
  • If there are any more clarifications with respect to Coracle invoices is asked by InstaRem, a screenshot/copy of the opening blocked account email can be send to InstaRem.

If any more clarifications are required, feel free to reach out to us at +91 7306501735 (WhatsApp).

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