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Coracle has always kept customers as it’s primary focus while rolling out new products & services. It is no surprising that the company has launched its latest student friendly package – CORACLE PRIME. Coracle PRIME is a very transparent and simple package that combines,

  1. Blocked Account (59 Euros! No monthly fee )
  2. Free Travel Insurance (Accepted by all German Embassies)
  3. Public Health Insurance

For a student moving to Germany for his/her studies, all the above documents are mandatory. Even though it is possible to individually apply for Coracle Blocked Account, Free travel and public health insurance, the major advantage lies is saving an additional 40 Euro and a lot of time.

Coracle Blocked account which costs 99 Euro is discounted to 59 Euro in PRIME application.

PRIME application also provides the flexibility to choose your public health insurance company. Since TK is the largest and most trusted brand among international students in Germany, we also recommend the same. You can do your PRIME application with TK as health insurance provider here. Coracle also provides the PRIME application with Barmer as the public health insurance and you can fill in your application here. Below image shows a quick overview of the differences between TK & Barmer public health insurance provider.

All students (Masters & Bachelors) coming to Germany from Summer Semester 2020 can avail the PRIME membership. The savings of 40 Euro will be transferred back to you along with the buffer amount in your first payout after reaching Germany. You can use the below links to do your application.



If you require any further support, feel free to get in touch with us at +91 9645446797. Also check out the below blogs for more information on,

  1. Transferring Money to your Coracle Blocked Account using InstaRem
  2. Transferring Money in 1-2 business days 
  3. FAQ – Free Travel Insurance offered by Coracle

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