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KNOW YOUR MENTOR package should be the first step to your masters planning. There are a lot of queries that comes to your mind when you explore the option of studying abroad in a country like Germany. Who else to clear your initial queries than a mentor who has already travelled the same path that you are about to take ? In this unique plan of ours, we offer the below support,

  1. Connect with one of our mentors: Once we receive your information, we will ask for your CV and connect you with one of our mentors who is studying MS in Germany or has completed MS from Germany. Whether you are just starting on your masters journey or mid way, our mentor will asses your profile /situation and provide you valuable information to your queries/ next steps.

  2. Inputs on Career Planning: Most of the graduates who are planning for MS might not have a clear focus or direction with respect to career planning . MS is an opportunity to change your career direction or get more knowledge in your domain. As a prospective student, you need to introspect and ask the question such as what is your motivation to do MS? How does doing MS impact my career plan?

  3. Online Support: Our support is completely online and the medium is usually WhatsApp or Skype. Our support starts after you connect with your mentor and for a period of 48 hours. Of course, 48 hours is not a hard cut, we are happy to extend the support for few more days and  purely depends on the mentor.

We hope that with this article, we were able to give an overview about our “Know Your Mentor” plan. If you are a prospective student, make use of the opportunity. You can do your payment of INR 499 here. Good luck! Additionally, you can reach out to our team at +91 7306501735 (WhatsApp available).

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