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In this article, we would like to highlight all about our mentorship service.

Unlike many educational consultants in the market, we focus on empowering you to make your application documents. Now why do we do that? Doing your own application is a first step to a long journey that you are about to embark. You need to develop this skill not just to get an admission in Germany, but also to be prepared for the journey ahead with respect to doing your internship application or your job application after you finish your Masters.

It is going to be a long journey and it is imperative that you master the art of doing applications.

We understand that you will have a lot of queries when you are doing your application by yourself. We are here to guide you from the very start so that you can gain a lot of knowledge about every aspect of living in Germany. To be more specific, having gone through the path you are about to embark, we are the perfect mentors for you.

Being your mentor: We are there for you to motivate, support and plan your application. We believe in giving personal support where you can always connect to your mentor to ask any kind of queries. This is an opportunity for you to build relationships and expand your network. Below are the broad support that we would be providing,

  1. IELTS / GRE Preparation

  2. Profile Building

  3. Language Requirements

  4. University Shortlisting

  5. LOR Editing & Review

  6. SOP Editing & Review

  7. CV Editing & Review

  8. Visa application document preparation

  9. Blocked Account

  10. Insurances

  11. Visa Interview

  12. Travelling Tips

  13. Process after reaching Germany

  14. Settling down in Germany

  15. Anything and everything with respect to your studies in Germany

Like to know more and get connected to a mentor? Check out our plans that start at INR 499 to kick start your journey with fs2ym. Good luck!

 Additionally, you can reach out to our team at +91 7306501735 (WhatsApp available).


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